trap1 [trap]
[ME trappe < OE træppe, akin to treppan, to step, Ger treppe, stairway < IE * dreb-, to run, step, trip (var. of base * drā-) > Pol drabina, ladder]
1. any device for catching animals, as one that snaps shut tightly when stepped on, or a pitfall; gin, snare, etc.
2. any stratagem or ambush designed to catch or trick unsuspecting persons
3. any of various devices for preventing the escape of gas, offensive odors, etc.; specif., a U-shaped or S-shaped part of a drainpipe, in which standing water seals off sewer gas
4. an apparatus for throwing disks into the air to be shot at in trapshooting
5. a light, two-wheeled carriage with springs
7. [pl.]
a) a set of various percussion instruments, as cymbals, blocks, and bells, used with a set of drums, as in a jazz band
b) these percussion instruments and the set of drums considered as a unit
8. Slang the mouth, specif. as the organ of speech
trapped, trapping
1. to catch in or as in a trap; entrap
2. to hold back or seal off by a trap
3. to furnish with a trap or traps
4. to catch (a batted ball in baseball or a thrown ball in football) just as it rebounds from the ground rather than just before it strikes the ground
1. to set traps for game
2. to trap animals, esp. for their furs
SYN.- CATCH, TRAP1, as applied to a device for capturing animals, specif. suggests a snapping device worked by a spring, PITFALL, a concealed pit with a collapsible cover, and SNARE, a noose which jerks tight upon the release of a trigger; in extended senses, these words apply to any danger into which unsuspecting or unwary persons may fall, TRAP1 specifically suggesting a deliberate stratagem or ambush [a speed trap], PITFALL, a concealed danger, source of error, etc. [the pitfalls of the law ], and SNARE, enticement and entanglement [the snares of love ]
trap2 [trap]
[Swed trapp < trappa, stair (akin to TRAP1), in reference to its appearance]
1. any of several dark-colored, usually fine-grained, extrusive igneous rocks; esp., such a rock, as basalt, used in road making
2. a geologic structure forming a reservoir enclosing an accumulation of oil or gas
trap3 [trap]
trapped, trapping [ME trappen < trappe, trappings < OFr drap, cloth: see DRAPE]
to cover, equip, or adorn with trappings; caparison
1. Obs. an ornamental covering for a horse
2. [pl.] [Old Informal] Informal former a person's clothes, personal belongings, etc.

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